AZ-1 Series

AZ 1 Series Air Operated Hydraulic Pump

Air operated hydraulic pumps for pressure testing, chemical injection and hydraulic power.

Single Acting Pump

465 PSI to 42,500 PSI.
Available in 15 different models.
5 pump options to choose from in each model.


AZ-1 Standard Model


  • Infinitely variable output pressure and flow.
  • Will hold static pressure without generating heat or consuming power.
  • Standard models are suitable for oil or water applications.
  • Well proven and trouble free operation.

Materials of Construction

Air Motor:
Mainly anodized aluminum with wound composite air cylinder, carbon steel zinc plated tie bolts and nitrile seals.

Hydraulic Section:
Oil service units have cold rolled plated steel piston, cylinder and check valves. Water service units have 303 stainless cylinders, stainless piston and check valves. Internal check valve parts are 300 series stainless steel except ball which is 440C stainless steel. Nitrile seals are standard (other compounds are available as required). All hydraulic pistons are hard chrome plated. Other material options may be available, contact the factory for more information.


 Replacement Parts Lists For AZ-1 Standard Series Pumps
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